Anker Powerline 3 6ft USBC to USBC 65W causing constant disconnection

As the title suggests, the cable is causing random disconnection and doesn’t get charged which constantly switches from charging/discharging on pixel 7. So, as a test I switched to inbox cable which didn’t have issues. So I wanted to do a replacement through warranty. Purchased it from Amazon India

@Vasudev_Menon check / clean the pins on your cable and see if the issue persists. If you’ve only had the cable a few months reach out to place of purchase such as Amazon and they will normally send a replacement cable within their 12 month coverage period as an online retailer.

If longer than 12 months, reach out to who will be able to advise the best method for a replacement cable.

Port and Pins are cleaned and issue persisted.
I dunno if Amazon handles that warranty swap since I’m covered with 18 months warranty since they asked me to contact anker directly. I tried reaching out to the same email w/o any response for a month.