Anker PowerDrive+ 2 ONLY $13!

Quick Charge car charger for just $13! What?

I’ll continue to update this post with more great deals!


Powercore 5000 AM or PM?

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Same price as last time!

Thanks for this

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Updated with new deals for tomorrow (Thursday), August 24.

Only for prime members😑

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The early access is, yeah. But the deals? They’re for everyone.

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Thanks for clearing that up.

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Plus it is only 30 minutes early. Highly unlikely to be sold out by the time it opens up to everyone. :slight_smile:

Post updated with more new deals!

hmm i dont see the deal, am i doing it wrong or it’s just expired?

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It appears to be sold out currently. If you refresh your page over the next 5-10 minutes, you may see some more back in stock if people decide to not buy it even after it’s in their cart. However, it completely expires at 11:00pm ET.

Bolded items are DOTD.

damn i want to jump in on that powercore II slim 10k

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It’s a good deal.

Did you end up getting it? PowerCore 5000 goes on sale tomorrow.

nope, i’m waiting for it to be available officially in my country because this product is still new and prone to have fault. I also wait to see which charging standard apple will use.


This product is over a year old, earliest reviews show in late March 2016.

Here is an example video review from @TechnicallyWell from May 2016 so over 15 months ago.

Fair enough.


PowerPort 5 and More on Sale Tuesday. Details here!

Thanks but Powerport5 is old. I don’t use mine, I carry a Powerport4 or carry a Powerport5 USB-C, at home I’m now on a Powerport10! (too many gadgets)

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