Anker powercore+ 26800 PD does not charge laptop

Hi everyone,
I have an issue, when i connect Anker powercore+ 26800 PD to my Dell Vostro 5370 using usb c port power bank gets charged from laptop’s battery and I cannot get it to work the other way.

I have tried different cables including Mac Pro original power cable, cable that came with the power bank, and other usb-c to usb-c cables.
Also laptop is charging with no problems using mentioned cables when used with wall adapter (except from the one that came with powerbank).
Have anyone find a solution to this problem?

You need to press the power button before plugging it into your computer in order for the Pd port to send power out. When trying to charge the powercore you want to make sure all lights are off when plugging it in in order for it to accept the charge


As @Tank correctly say, the USB PD port is bidirectional, two modes either input or output.

It defaults to input itself being recharged when connected.

If you want it instead to output power then press the power button before connecting.

If it’s still thinking it’d meant to output power by the lights still being on and you want it to go back to it being able to be recharged then wait until the lights go out.

If you have used the trickle charge mode then undo that to let it turn itself off before the above.

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even when I try this, it doesn’t work. I turn on the charger and then plug it into my computer and the lights just turn off on the charger and it goes back into charging mode