Anker PowerConf+ (A3301) -> no sound from Anker Soundsync A3303


I bought a Anker PowerConf+ Bluetooth Speakerphone (A3301) with Bluetooth Dongle (A3303) few months ago this year.

I am using a workstation Dell Precision T1700 - Win10 Pro Version 20H2.

After I plug in the Bluetooth Dongle, the system detected “Anker Soundsync A3303”, I turn on the bluetooth speaker (A3301) try to make a connection with the dongle. After waiting for 10sec, the Blue light on the speaker still keep flashing and the white light on the dongle also keep flashing. No sound is out from speaker.

Therefore, I press the bluetooth button again on the speaker, wait for another 10sec. Still the same, Blue light on the speaker still keep flashing and the white light on the dongle also keep flashing. No sound is out from speaker. It seems like the dongle did not establish the connection with the speaker.

I connect the speaker to the workstation thru the cable (USB-C to USB). It works fine.
I connect the speaker to my phone thru bluetooth. It works fine.
I remember the dongle work with the speaker on the same workstation initially. (I did test out when I received the goods)

Can anyone help?

  1. Driver issue? (I checked on the device manger, it looks fine)
  2. Dongle hardware failure?
  3. Repeat the same procedures above on another PC (win10), a laptop (win10) and a laptop (win 7). Same issue no sound, the LED indication keep on flashing on both devices (A3301) and (A3303)
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May be you should install the newest driver-version of your bt-card manufacturer instead of the default bt driver from WIN.

Yes, that what I think so but I cannot find the driver download site for Anker Soundsync A3303 which is the bluetooth dongle. Any hint?

There is no driver needed for the Anker device.
The driver of your WIN system is important.
You should find out what driver is installed under WIN at your computer and replace it with the original driver of the bt card’s manufacturer driver which is built in your computer.

@alexayc Looks like the Bluetooth Dongle has “lost” sync with the PowerConf Speaker and requires a reset on the dongle.

Have you reached out to Anker Support , they should be able to provide you with reset steps. Usually these BT dongle have a small reset button, try to examine the dongle, if you see any reset button / hole. However since you may be still within the warranty, try to attempt this “only” after you have consulted Anker Support. They might have better options.

This is a little old, but I have the EXACT same issue as you described including it working the first time I tested it. After that it wouldn’t connect. You’re description is word for word what happened to me. Did you ever figure this out? I don’t think it drivers.

I have the same exact issue with my A3303 Bluetooth Dongle. It was working well for the past few months until recently, there was no sound input and output.

I thought it was due to Windows driver update but I have tested both on my Windows and Mac laptops and both are not working. The connection via the bluetooth method is still working fine though. But it doesn’t make sense for me to do that since I have paid extra for the Bluetooth Dongle and it doesn’t work.

I have emailed the anker support team. Hope they will reply and provide a solution soon.

I am having the same exact issue, was anyone lucky enough to find the solution? its is annoying for 200$+ speaker :frowning:

I know this is a bit belated, but I had the same exact issue and followed the steps in the link below to clear the connection history and re-pair the dongle and Anker speaker S500:

That sorted out my issue immediately for my speakers.