Anker Laptop Cooling Pad - New Product Idea

I am in the market for a new laptop cooling pad. When put my laptop on my lap, the machine toasts my thighs. Also I couldn’t find a decent one one the market.
As it had created so many wonderful and innovative products and With the Work From Home going on, Anker should definitely pursue the idea for a fantastic laptop cooling pad.

Please let me know your comments.


Not trying to be mean but I doubt we will see such item from Anker

In general this is a bad idea.

If you are placing laptop regularly on your laptop, your head is tilted down, this leads to back problems later.

If the lap is hot, it is a sign the laptop is hot and is not sucking in air enough to cool itself, probably a sign you have a CPU intensive application.

To cool a laptop it simply needs air circulating, so the vents underneath have no blockage from you or your clothing and the lowest air temperature intake. You get this from a hard surface.

You can solve all of these, raising the height of the laptop to reduce neck hence back pain later, placing on a solid surface to not block vents, and keep off your laptop so air intake is lower temperature, via something like this:

I agree to the point that keeping laptop on lap is a bad idea. But are we all keeping it that way ? CPU intensive applications are there , there are some models that heats very fast.

All the population don’t have a desk to work. I still think the product has a market.

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Show us the nearest thing which exists now and how it can be improved.

I know of desk cooling pads which are tilted props. e.g.

What can Anker do which is better and works on a soft squishy lap other then the one I first mentioned?

If you’re willing, take the best of your idea and merge with others to invent a better solution.

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Why such an expensive construction?
I did it in a my simple neaderthalean way.

Only pros! :smile:
The screen is in perfect ergonomic position ( no hunching of the back)
The cooling is perfect as the laptop stands quasi free.
The making of such a mount is easy and there are nearly no costs.
It can be created even in art nouveau style, which I didn’t. :rofl:

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I agree up at a height is ergonomically perfect, and keeps the keyboard above the drinks splash zone, a good idea for a laptop on a desk.

But it’s not practical on a lap.

If you use a cheap extra keyboard, the laptop keabord is save from splashes.
Those to replace is much more expensive than such a simple extra one I use.
Often you get those for free.

But I am really wondering if there is a need for such a cooling pad.
If you keep the fan of the laptop clean I see no need.
May be many users don’t! :wink:

If there is an excessive use of the processor it could get too hot, claro,
But the OS will shutdown.


All valid, plus if you place laptop directly on your lap you are forcing the fans to work harder on a dusty surface or worse on skin so the oils off skin get inside and dust sticks to it and the laptop dies years earlier.

So we agree to minimise, ideally to nil, placing on lap. On a desk you use such as you have, in a regular place you use which isn’t a desk, then use a padded elevated hard surface like above example.

So the question remains. What exactly could Anker make better?

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The true reason is:
The laptops are getting slimmer and slimmer, so there is nearly no space to integrate a sufficient fan.
Otherwise the processors are getting stronger and stronger so they produce more heat.
(eg. gamer laptops : with a graphic card included
Result -> overheating problems!

There will always be laptops with fans as there will always be the user who needs both performance and portability.

Most of these are professionals who sit at desks and on aircraft. But the lap situation will occur from time to time.

It’s the repeated placement on the lap which is the problem. I use a padded flat thing. I do sometimes have a Powercore on it and possibly could do with a recess to drop Powercore in at the rear so it doesn’t slide, but that’s the only Anker type modification I can think of.

Let’s not say the OP is wrong, create via building a better idea.

I generally use laptop while sitting on the couch due to multiple reasons. I was thinking of getting something like this.

As suggested you really shouldn’t be putting a laptop directly on your lap even with a cooling pad. You should be looking at a lap mini desk like product to give more distance between you and the laptop

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I never would use a laptop sitting on the couch.
Bending over you will not only ruin you “lap”.
Its there any need for you to use it that way?

Even when sitting on a chair at a desk a laptop is not ergonomic.
When Iwas working at the university such a workplace design was strictly forbidden.

It’s been a very very long time but, finding the right setup makes all the difference 100%.

It’s true, using a laptop on the couch or in awkward positions can strain your posture. When I was diving into graphic design, I realized the significance of a comfortable workspace.

I am in the computer business since about 50 years.
From the very beginning with punching cards, COBOL, FORTRAN , etc.

Very important when working :

A good TFT (perfect calibrated)

Absolutely perfect glasses
(Those should be such ones for computer (TFT) use)

Upright position when sitting in front of the TFT

A perfect chair.

In the university laptops were only used with external TFT and keyboard.

As I am retired now, I can use the laptop with my “rack”:grin:

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That’s why investing in the best laptop for Photoshop and graphic design was key for me. It not only improved my productivity but also spared me from those pesky posture issues.