Anker is a proud sponsor of Boston Drone Film Festival!

Anker is a proud sponsor of Boston Drone Film Festival!
This is a festival where drone-specific movies are seen and judged, with a grand prize winner crowned at the end of it!

Boston Drone Film Festival:

Hope to see Anker Drones some day, what say?


Yeah defo.
Those “premium” drones are way too expensive.
Bring on the Anker drones.


I want a drone!

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Anker may need a new brand name for drones :innocent:

Anker Drona drones :grin:

I would love a drone, would make filming youtube videos so much cooler

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Great idea!

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“And this is my soundcore flare from 200ft in the air”


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Very nice!
Wish I knew about this earlier, I would have planned to attend.

I own a drone.
She is called “Gerda” :rofl:



We need Anker drones :+1:

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Drones are pretty cool… I have a DJI Spark and it’s handy for checking if the gutters need cleaned! :joy:

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That’s a good use… Sometime back there was a buzz about license requirement by FCC for these drones… is it still needed? Do you have one?

This is an Art of State (not state of art :joy: ) drone!
No way to stop it or no jammers can stop it :+1:t2: Just make sure, no one is feeding seeds near-by :grin:

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I couldn’t keep up with the rules… so I registered it, not knowing if I actually had to or not. Better safe than sorry!

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For the spark you probably don’t need to register it. It’s pretty light (it’s mainly based on weight).

I can see what all the buzz is about :smiley:

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