Anker Fan Week

Hey Everyone!

In case you haven’t gone by recently, you should swing by there! Starting June 25th and running through July 2nd they are running some exciting deals with member only pricing. There are some great discounts on everything from chargers and power banks, to hubs and AC power. They also have some special member coupons: 12% Off, $20 Off when you spend $100, and $300 Off a Power Station (767, 757, or 555). Unfortunately, these coupons don’t start until July 17, but at least it gives you some time to plan your purchase!

This is also a great time to sign up and create your own Anker account (if you haven’t already done so) so you can start receiving Anker Credits. These credits appear to be exchangeable to receive coupons for your next Anker purchase. Currently they are showing the following coupons: 12% Off, 15% Off, $200 Off, $300 Off, and $500 Off. Anker Credits can be earned by setting up your account, filling out some information, and making purchases through the website as opposed to Amazon or other businesses.

What are your initial thoughts on the new program? What are some other ways that we should be able to earn Anker Credits, or other things we could spend those Credits on? Any big purchases you’re thinking will help earn you some credits, or you are wanting to use a coupon on? Go ahead and give me your thoughts below (because we all know that you have some!) and then hop over to and sign up!


Wow thanks for sharing!!!

Are Anker credits replacing power bucks???
Will there be a conversion?!?!?!


Good question. Wonder what a good conversion rate would be…

I would love to see if certain activity in the community could transfer to Credits… unless Power Bucks are making a comeback!

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If they are not actively going to restart Powerbucks then a one-off time-limited conversion to a new scheme’s credit would be fair.

And if they wanted to tie activity into Community, then say adding 1% extra discount per Community member level, or if that’s too generous say 1% per 2 or 3 levels til it makes $ sense to Anker. And to make people actually engage in good faith and not just create a nil-activity community account, say, the % added discount kicks in at L2 or L3 (not L0 or 1).


No relationship between credits and power bucks, KT.


Thanks for letting me know really appreciate the response :+1:

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So what should we do with these power bucks?
Those were used in the past to create a kind of" auction".
At last it was decided by our famous “Mr. Random” :grin:

Was really funny to take part.
Like a “lottery”.
Very thrilling and attractive.

You should think about such one Juliette.


There’s a conflict here. There’s only so much budget so rewarding past involvement robs budget for new events to grow new community.

I suggest a compromise of a small conversion between powerbucks and a small additional discount off purchases so Anker’s not really losing money but recognises past contributions. That way budget is focused on new competitions.

working on it!

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good thought!

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