Anker EverFrost 50


i am one of those people that bought the Anker EverFrost 50,

i will try and give Anker EverFrost 50 a honest thaught from my point of view

there are positive and negative points and those i am gonna list,

first off all positive points:

  1. mobility
  2. weight, it is not to heavy when being empty and it rolls pretty easy on its wheels,
  3. it have a own battery, with handy usb charging ports in case of need to charge mobile devices
  4. design looks nice
  5. easy to open the lids of the chambers and a nice click sound on close,

second the negatives points:

  1. maintaining the temperatures inside
    (according to the app and sensors build in they are quite off from the settings it is on, ill try and explain later)
  2. advertising up to 48 hours work time on the web while the box says 27 hours,
  3. it might be confusing having 2 ports to charge from ,
    option 1 , charge from the kooler itself , on the bottom there is a connector for the adapter or car charger,
    option 2, charging from the battery solar XT-60 input, anker deliver a adapter from XT-60 to the adapter / car charger conector

both ports charge the battery and power the kooler witch is kind of odd ?

  1. the front feet should have rubber pads, it easy slides away on wooden floors or tiles,

ok now let me explain a bit about the readings of the sensors via the app.
values i set is as follows large/small chamber,

first test:
4c / -4c ends up in 2c / -2c witch is 2c off in both chambers,

second test:
traditional home fridge settings
4c / -18c ends up in 0c / -16c

third test:
4c / off / ends up 1c / off

for some reason when i set it to traditional home fridge settings it have a very hard time maintaining the temperatures,

these are all based on a test of several hours and empty chambers,
it is powered by the adapter Anker EverFrost 50 side,

when i use the traditional home fridge settings it struggles hard,
it won’t even turn off the fan/compressor and maintain temperatures as i desired,

i also noticed when i use the home fridge temperature settings,
the display turns on and off because probably the adapter can not keep up so the Anker EverFrost 50 at 4c / -18c keeps draining and charging battery while being plugged in,
it takes like 1-2% every lets say 5-10 mins from the battery and then charge it again witch is odd,
it should not draw battery while using the wall power

overall, i can not test the real temperatures of the box because i don’t have a temperature meter to measure

this readings problem i also have with anker 737 power bank and anker 767 solar generator,
the readings are off by like 5-10w on both devices and i don’t know if this is on purpose or not ,
i also have a gooloo gt4000 jump starter, it charge at 101 watt while the anker battery says 87-89w on the display when using ugreen 100w wall charger,
i tested it with several chargers like ugreen 100w wall charger / anker nano 3 30w / anker nano 2 65w wall charger,
so somehow the gooloo readings are more accurate than anker readings,

this way off readings is not only limited by everfrost it also happens with the the following anker products i have like chargers/power banks/solar gen,

so i have my concerns with anker at some point and their readings,
specialy now that they even have home powered solar sets and stuff at solix