Anker eufy Mach v1

Found this article the other day about a new Anker/eufy product thought it looked kind of interesting and figured I would share. What are all your thoughts on it


We have some of the old styled vacuums.
To do cleaning of the edges and places were old Willy can not enter and reach.
Those are enough.

Steam cleaning?
Means hot steam, I suppose -> (110C) Crazy temperature!
This may destroy the plastic part of the vacuum pretty soon.

I don’t know if this for good for wooden floors. (Parquet)
for tiled floor it may be OK. But mopping by hand is better I am sure. :smile:

And one should not forget the consumption of power and the problem of
service of the vacuum if the water being used is hard.
Adding some chemicals could help.
And the price?? Too expensive.:roll_eyes:

Conclusion : this is nothing for me.

From the articles I’ve seen, this is going to be priced very upmarket–around $800 or so. Now mind you, Dyson seems to be printing money for themselves with their V15 Detect, so there is clearly precedent for an expensive cleaning appliance like this.

However, my biggest concern is that it doesn’t appear to have a user-removable battery (I hope I’m wrong). Steam generation will inevitably be demanding on batteries - even a great pack design will die eventually.

If the battery is not replaceable, it’s a non-starter for me: I cannot fathom paying MSRP or even a 40% discount for a product that will need to be thrown in the garbage once its battery inevitably fails.

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