Anker Earth Day Giveaway!

When we realized our longest-lasting, most eco-friendly powerstation yet was launching around the same time as Earth Day, we knew we had to celebrate…

Which is why we’re bringing you the Anker Earth Day Giveaway!

Read on to see how you can win one of the most exciting products Anker has ever created :eyes:

The 757 PowerHouse is quite literally built to last.

Sporting 3,000 battery cycles, 50,000 hours of electronics life expectancy, and an unmatched 5-year warranty, we’ve put all of our chips on the table to bring you portable power like none other.

Wondering whether something this powerful is realistic for you and your lifestyle? We made sure it is.

With Anker’s HyperFlash Technology, you can recharge your 757 to 80% battery in just 1 hour :exploding_head:

You can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to charge almost any device, anytime, anywhere.

Okay so… How do you win one of these beasts?

Read through the instructions below for all you need to know!

Anker Earth Day Giveaway Instructions


  1. Winners will be randomly drawn from all successful entries once the giveaway has commenced
  2. Prizes Include:
    a. Anker 757 PowerHouse - 1 Winner ($1,400 Value)
    b. Anker 521 PowerHouse - 2 Winners ($250 Value)
  3. Entries close on April 27th @ 11:59PM PST

How to Enter:

  1. Sign up for the giveaway by entering your email on the page linked above
  2. Complete the actions highlighted on the giveaway page to earn entries
  3. Earn as many entries as you can before the giveaway closes - the more entries you have, the better your chance to win!

And that’s about it!

We are so excited to be celebrating Earth Day with all of you, and with peak outdoors season just around the corner, we can’t wait to see all of the awesome adventures the winners take their PowerHouses on :electric_plug::sunny:

For anyone interested in securing a 757 PowerHouse aside from the giveaway, make sure you claim the limited-time Early Bird Coupon offer. When you purchase your coupon for $10, you’ll receive $200 off your PowerHouse order once they’re available on May 9th!

Claim Your Early Bird Coupon Here

Please let us know if you have any questions in the replies below, and with that, best of luck and Happy Earth Day!!


Thanks for this great giveaway!

I’ve posted a tagged picture on Instagram, but I can’t seem to get the Gleam form to give me the 15 points. How can I fix that?


This is great gear #Ankerpowerhouse!


Good luck to those who take part,
Not me.
There is no use for the devices in Europe.


What a great oportunity @AnkerOfficial
Is this available for your UK fans?
@mason.sergent ?


Dont think so Paul.
Neither the fitting plugs for EU nor UK seems to me.
This model seems to be not available in Europe.


Dont think so Paul.
Neither the fitting plugs for EU nor UK I suppose.
This model seems to be not available in Europe at all
Btw there is only one model of these powerhouses offered on

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I think youre right Franz.
Although your link doesnt go to a specific product.
I found this on the UK site.


Hey! Thanks for letting us know about the issue you’re having.

Could you please DM a screenshot of both your Gleam page and your tagged picture on Instagram to @mason.sergent ?

We’ll be sure to help get this resolved!


Fun stuff, got a few easy entries, and maybe I’ll get lucky. It is a nice looking product.

I’ll pass on paying for entries though (50 for spending $10 on a coupon). Not that likely I will be buying the product in this early release stage.


This one Paul, seems to be the same as on

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Looks like a US only competition, will be a nice prize for the one who wins.


I find it weird as well. I wonder if folks would spend 10 dollars for 50 entries and then if the win or lose try to get back their 10 dollars. It feels a little like cheating if that happens.

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Yeah, same here. I won’t pay $10 to get entries. I will take my chances with the free ones.

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So many options to use one of these. Home backup but also when camping.

New opportunities to enter have been added!! Check the Giveaway Link to go claim your entries :zap:

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This is awesome! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: