Anker ditched 12v, but will support it again later this year

According to Hassnian from customer support there will be new powerbanks (Not just Power Station-sized ones) which support 12v later this year.

The last powerbank Anker produced that supported 12v over Type C that I know of is the Powercore 26800 30W, with the 45W version dropping 12v, and every other powerbank they have made of recent also lacks 12v over Type C.

Why is 12v useful? Well some cheap portable PCs and laptops require it to function, but aside from that nowadays you can buy cables with a PD chip inside which requests 12v, and can thus power low power DC barrel devices from a powerbank. I hooked up a waterproof industrial Noctua fan to my 30W Powercore and use it to cool my external HDDs and ambiently cooled SBCs whenever I have to do large backups/transfers, and I can also hook it up to my tent’s air intake when camping to keep cool.

If I want to use VR at night my cheap IR flood lamp can be powered by 12v DC from my old 30W powercore 26800. It’s really quite handy.

I’ve heard 12v isn’t a PD standard… But who cares? It’s not like supporting 12v is dangerous; if your device doesn’t request it, it isn’t getting it.

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I wonder if the PowerCore 24K’s firmware will be updated to support this. Not sure how necessary it is since you could probably hook up a PPS trigger and set it to 12V to power a 12V project since the PowerCore 24K has full PPS. As for USB-C devices, there are some devices like the DJI Mini 3 that prefer the 12V mode. If the 12V mode is not present, it can use the 15V mode.