Anker Discord Server - Permission

I know that there is already a thread for this but I want to put this idea in the spotlight. I would love to have an Anker discord server in which all of us can talk live instead of using forums. The forums are great but they are not real time. I am seeking permission to make an Anker discord server. Anyone agree?

This is an interesting idea… :bulb:

however this will need approval from Anker team @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical .

Though it is friendly and useful to have the live talk on forums, it is also difficult or tough to moderate the content being discussed or shared.


Much better to write than to chat , might lead to chatter.


yup, emotions are high on live chat than when we write on forum … at times might get wild :smiley:


We both would never get “wild”, we would have our fun as usual,
but are we the majority? :grin:


I could of course create a server for charging equipment and then have Anker as a channel.

Then I would not need to have permission.

There is one:


Hey Is this discord legit? If so, an announcement in the forum might be helpful.