Anker Counterfeit Product Experiences



I’ve created this thread this morning in order to keep all members & prospective members aware of the possible bogus/fake products claiming to be official “Anker” chargers or devices offered for resale via sites like Amazon, eBay etc.

Thank you.

P.S. Not sure this forum format allows for “sticky” but cast your vote now in order to keep this at the top of Anker’s page as being far more important than some of the other topics posted below


Reporting: A third party Amazon retailer was attempting to pass one of their “Qualcomm 3.0 chargers” as an official Anker product. Since this topic first aired last week, the Amazon page now posted a warning that the item is “currently unavailable”.

Update: At or about 9:00 am est the page was pulled off Amazon’s site completely… Thus the above link no longer works. Please be mindful that this person or persons who are attempting to pass off their products as an official Anker product may again try to recreate a new account and once again prey on the unsuspecting customers.

As always: “Buyer Beware”


Hi @AmpLighter, while I kinda like this idea (for information for community members) I would advise all members to report any and all possible suspicions of fake products (and the point of sale) directly to and/or a direct message to @AnkerOfficial as per this thread here;

Relying on a verification here could not only end up with someone being out of pocket (or worse injured depending on quality of the possible fake/bogus item) but would further delay Anker requesting takedown of said items or allowing it’s legal department to proceed against offenders, either repeat or fly by night sellers…

I’ve also modified your thread title, so members don’t get confused on what it or is not an official Anker standpoint…

Wall charger sometime won't turn on

I definitely agree with @ndalby that you should contact Anker directly, instead of posting it on the forum, with potential trolls.


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