Anker Christmas Advent Calndar

Hello you lovely people.

It’s that time of year I have to spend £40-£50 on a Boots No’7 Advent Calendar for my good lady wife. It’s cool, she loves it :heart:

So I said, wonder if I’ll get one this year (we’re 20 years in now mind)
Oh, she said, I didn’t even think about you :man_shrugging:
Do they do an Anker one? She said.

WELL - WE NEED ONE :point_up:t2: @AnkerOfficial can you make this happen in the next few weeks please or consider for next year please :slight_smile:



Funny its the beginning of September and you start to think about Christmas.
Monday it will be about 27C in München.
No Jingle Bells, No Santa Claus.
May be beer garden
(Hofbräukeller) :sweat_smile:

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I had to do the conversion, but that’s about the same temperature as here in Southern California. We’re looking at 31+ (88-90F) the next few days, and people are here talking about fall and pumpkins, I have neighbors already decorating for Halloween.

Gotta be ahead of the game Franz or I’ll have a very disappointed wife :rofl:


And no body wants a dissapointed wife @Oggyboy :+1:t2:

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