Anker Audio: Water Way to Have a Good Time



A great concept for today's active lifestyles!


About the SoundBuds Sport NB10, I have a question....
It can be used while swimming?


Definitely Powercore batteries! I keep mine in my backpack and get worried everytime it rains!


Wow these products sound really good. Now I'm thinking about buying both of them


I would say waterproof the flashlight.


hahaha this is a great start. But i just dont understand why people buy headphone and stuff and use them in water. Enjoy swimming by itself


So I spend significantly more time outdoors than the average person, I bike a lot (about 10,000 miles / year) and so waterproofing is something I typically am concerned with, more so in winter we are approaching.

I make extensive use of waterproof bags, I usually have 2 or 3 of different sizes for different types of kit, a particularly thicker plastic material for my gadget stuff as gadgets have rougher sharper materials, and thinner bags for clothes.

I make extensive use of Android Wear which is a water resistant watch to be able to see and control a lot of the tasks which would cause a phone to be got out and used in the rain. I have also Anker Soundcore IE20 which are water resistant I keep around my neck (the magnets are cool!), so combined with the watch means I can see hear and control common tasks in the rain. This is ergonomically also the best as hands are free for the most part.

I'm usually with at a minimum the Powercore Slim (5000mah) to be able to charge the phone in a bag right up against the phone, and for longer trips also the Powercore 10000 which has excellent density of power (computing the volume and weight and dividing into mah to get the highest mah/oz and mah/ these are in the waterproof gadget bag with the phone.

I have a water resistant BT speaker for in the shower. I can't imagine a situation I'd want a waterproof speaker for outdoors as headphones suit my needs better.


I really like to see this. Waterproof speakers interest me and are one of the most useful waterproof items that Anker could sell other than a case.


I know they have waterproof speakers and earbuds, but over the ear headphones would be nice too.


I wouldn't recommend for swimming at all. Yes they have a certain degree of waterproofing for sweat but they are not designed to be submerged...


If they were, they would be called the submarine subwoofers


I'd love to see some wireless waterproof ear buds that could handle running in the winter here in Oregon and also a Google Home/Cast enabled waterproof speaker for the shower!


What colours is this available in?


Can we slap a Suction Cup on the Soundcore? This would be perfect for the shower!



Its beautiful design for outdoor and indoor activities. It works superb on all supported devices. I like the way it competes with gush of waters in sauna bath tub. Mine worked well in steam bath too.


This is best for outdoor and indoor activities for guys who love music....Now rain can't stop u from playing your music. Lovely designed product.