Anker Auction House | Soundcore Flare 2

Don’t tell the truth :joy:

Your requesting an interest free loan right :wink:

Bid 340 pb :pleading_face:


On that note, I bid 360pb…

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yes, got some PBs just in time :blush:

I bid 460


People seem to be mostly hiding their profiles but I reckon Neil has a lot more PBs than I do so it is really a game of who wants the Flare 2.


This should get crazy.

PB no longer show regardless of whether your profile is hidden or viewable (that I am aware)…

Sitting on a nice stash of PB thanks…whether I use them well…who knows :wink:


560 PB

If I am going to win this, it is because I bid it up to a level where no one else will pay more. Sniping at the last minute is not my game.

So no reason not to increase it until it gets near that limit.

that one I know :wink: same is the case on Soundcore collective as well, Notes are not shown. This was something I was looking and advocating for a long time… took a defect to be made as a fulltime feature :smiley:

Still… a hidden profile has its own positives !!

I want to get to the other side of the fence… just for a try, this auction is going to go higher, so still thinking should I bid now or not :joy:

I bid 660 PB

Bidding will probably be heavy until it hits 3000 or so, then most will start dropping out. Just my guess. And none of us can see each other’s PBs, so the honor system on bidding / cross checking by the admins is required.

760 PB for the next bid.

There are PB heavyweights here… i think most regulars have an excess of 9K…

I bid 770 PB’s this auction may set another record !!

But there are many who somewhat regularly enter the powerdraws or who are newer that don’t, so there will probably be fewer at that point.

I have a rough calibration in my head of the value of a PB based on the cost of the units and the number of bids for the power draws, and for a nice item like this it would probably end up on the high side of that range in a powerdraw. So it should be worth at least a bit more than that in an auction, since you pay nothing unless you are the winner.

870 PBs.


Sorry to be dim, ive been in the pub all afternoon! Is that 7pm UK time?

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Was it because “Friday is payday”!:rofl:

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1000 PB bid

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1100 PB bid