Anker Astro Pro 2 (79AN7906) stopped receiving power


My name is Vitor and I speak from Rio de Janeiro. In 2015, I got the best Powerbank of my life: Anker Astro Pro 2.

This product has 3 normal USB ports and surprised everyone when I presented it to charge the energy of several cell phones and tables.

I always leave it in my backpack to go to work, I always use it at photography events, I always take it with me on trips. All these situations I was very well supported by this Powerbank.

But today, when trying to charge it on the original power supply (12V + 2A) to receive internal power, its LED display does not display any message other than “0%” even after some 20-30 minutes of trying to charge.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Is there any way to “unlock” it? Does anyone know how I could fix this glitch?

Thank you all for any response. I don’t want to part with this great product!


Ola amigo,
Nao vou escrever em Portugues.:smile:

You should search the forum to find a possibility
to reset the powerbank.
You could contact the support as well.

Um abraço

I agree. I think it was like plugging one side into another port on the device but I would check here or contact support to see if they have a solution. Otherwise, the device had a good run of 8 years.

Hmm 8 years.
In the old times, devices had a run time > 20 years.
Our washing machine is now older than 30 years.
Good old German quality.
Not available any more.

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I agree on those items but now they try to make it with a short shelf life with cheaper part or to where the general public can not fix it

I had a buddy go to do an auto factory tour. He heard some cheering and when asked, he said that he was told that they were stimulating a car engine failure if it ran for so many miles and it was around their project range.

Its such an incredible waste of resources, meanwhile.
I hate that.
I, growing up after WW2 in a totally destroyed country
was taught to repair things and care about these a lot.
Poor people have to do,
Its a shame how our world is drowning now in such
electronic trash.

We were already talking here about that huge problem.


The durability of Anker devices is not bad.
I had to swap only a motor of a11S and a battery of a Flare over the years.

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