Anker Announces: Nano

I got a look at the Anker Nano line yesterday in a video call.

I already have this one, the Anker Power Bank 22.5 watts and I really like it. Mine is the L-port, but I just got the iPhone 14, don’t at me. In fact, it’s so compact (hence the name Nano), I’ve already loaned it to my friend whose work traveling this week. The big push with Nano is USB-C, so naturally, everything in that line is available in USB-C.

Yea, that’s future-proofing.

Still, we know there are what, millions?, of iPhone 14s and older out there, so we’re confirming that some of these innovations will be produced with L-port if you’re happily a generation or three behind on your iPhones like me. I’ll make a community post about that if I can confirm it, and I’ll share which products are available with L-port. (And yes, I’m making an assumption here that the 15 will be USB-C enabled.)

I really like this 30-watt charger’s style. My favorite detail is the cable acting as a hook or handle. It’s a small thing, but isn’t it always the little things in design? If that becomes available with L-port, I’m getting one for sure. (Olivia, do you hear me? Make it happen with all your Anker Product Team Power!)

A number of items in this line come in different colorways. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I mean, do I even care? I’m OK with all my chargers being black. I’m more concerned with function and form than good looks.

At least in terms of chargers … my wardrobe is a different story altogether.

What are your thoughts on the Nano line? And real talk … how do you feel about colorways?

See the Anker Nano Lineup here.


I’m excited about the new line and always love seeing the designs that Anker comes up with. As for colors, I’m with you. I could do black all day and be happy. However, as someone that has turned multiple people onto Anker chargers (wife and kids), I’m grateful that everything comes in different colors so I know which is mine and which isn’t.


I’m liking the desktop solution with the two ground outlets. Minimalistic and very useful with the range of ports and 67W of total power.

I recently bought two of the Anker 511 Charger (Nano 3), 30W. Tiny and powerful.

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I like the green colors of the devices; everything I have seems to be black or white, wife likes some color from time to time :slight_smile:

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I like plenty of colours.

As then whichever is cheapest colour I can then buy.

Usually it ends up black.

I kind of like a few color options and I love the focus on USB c really excited to see what else Anker comes out with

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The colorways are so interesting to me from a manufacturing perspective. Like … is it worth it? I’m fine with black and I’m not even remotely into goth, lol.


lol! Same. I’m not like that with clothing, but tech stuff, sure. I’ll go cheap (and then sometimes pretend I will paint it.)

Same price, I picked not black but if black is cheaper I’ll go for it. If pink was cheaper I’d go for it.

Colour is not important. If you think colour is important you’ve been conditioned by those who will spend rest of your life giving them money - known as “fashion”.

You should watch The Devil Wears Prada soon, lol.

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Do my eyes have to be open?

Fashion is where you give power to others as you care what they think you look like.

I prefer to remain powerful.

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hahaha! Those are all very good reasons to watch it! Meryl Streep will give you the what-for on fashion.

I love fashion. Not high fashion, but I like dressing and putting together outfits. It’s creative and fun for me shrugs

We are clear division along gender lines, lol!


Strength through diverisity,

Oh, I love that! I’m making bumper stickers and T-shirts right now … so American, right?

Not sure what you mean but when I mean strength through diversity I’m really talking about humility. The next problem none of us have thought of will have one of us knowing the answer so long as they existed because we didn’t reject them when they didn’t agree with us.

In certain parts of the world that’s a culture, where if someone agrees with you there’s an inherent mistrust but if they disagree there’s an automatic trust, as the humility applies. Or put is a different way, I know I’m wrong about something and if you’re not capable of seeing it then you’re not clever.

Those born and living in those areas will recognise.

Most of USA however isn’t like that.