Anker 767: Solar USV mode firmware update?

I’m using an Anker PowerStation 767 as USV (without solar panel yet). I’m only using the AC output for my computer and my router - no DC outputs.

I live in Germany, and my company bought this device for me (to be able to work), because there are major doubts how fast our energy politics (nuclear phaseout without a good replacement plan and other problems) will lead to blackouts (or even scheduled loadshedding).

So the 767 seems to be a great device to be used as USV.
In Germany, there is much discussion about renewable energies including solar energy. If I already have a 767 - why not add a solar panel? Sadly, it seems that there is a small thing missing:

As I understand, it currently doesn’t make sense to attach a 767 to a solar panel and an AC plug at the same time, because I somewhere read that the 767 prefers AC over DC input - so it would only use the solar panel in the case of power outage - which doesn’t make sense.

I understand that there might be technical reasons which avoid using AC and DC for charging at the same time - but: shouldn’t it be possible to add a “Solar USV mode” with a firmware+app update which uses only the solar panel (DC input) for charging, and uses the AC input never for charging, but only under some conditions* enable the AC bypass?

  • Think of having a (maybe configurable) upper and lower charge level limit:
    When the charge level reaches (>=) the upper charge limit (e.g. 70% or 95%), disable the AC bypass so that the collected energy can be used.
    When the charge level reaches (<=) the lower charge limit (e.g. 30%), enable the AC bypass - so that the 767 can use all available solar energy to charge itself (how long it ever might take)
    In case of disappearing AC input, disable the AC bypass.
    In case of restored AC input, enable the AC bypass always unless the current charge level is equal or above the upper charge limit.

Thanks! I’ll pass this on to our product team.

Hey hey! The product team is requesting pictures or videos that show where the 767 was placed and how it’s connected to the AC or solar panels.

You can share those images here; I’ll be on the lookout.

Thanks for your reply and your intrest in my proposal.

This is my currrent setup: Mini PC above the desk, connected to a multi socket outlet which is powered by the 767 as USV; and the 767 is currently only powered by the wall fixed socket outlet.


As mentioned in my original posting, I do not have a solar panel yet. A coworker of mine has a similar setup with a 200MAX power station and added one simple solar panel from the do-it-yourself store on his balcony. I’m evaluating the possibilities if I could add solar too without loosing the USV function. I don’t want to have to think about when to plug or unplug the AC cable - I would like to have an automatic solution that just works.

Notice: My current setup is a very simple one. As my current living situation might change soon, there would also be greater usage scenarios of the 767 I could think of - e.g. if I would move into an own house: Put the 767 in the basement, put a solar plant on the roof, and add some wires not only to power my computer, but also the router and the central heating. Or maybe even more?

Solar USV mode would be great… :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Just circling back to this task. I just shared it with the product team. I’ll keep you posted on their response.