Anker 767 Question - Battery Type

Hi all,

Question, I was watching a YouTube video on the Anker 767 and it was based in Europe. So it was a variation of the 767 with European plugs. The guy actually opened the unit up, to show what’s inside. I of course would never do this myself, but it was an interesting video to see someone do it.

What caught my attention is that he paused the video on a label inside the 767.
The label stated the following:
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 16IFpR27/72-10
Model A1780-16S10P
and some other stuff.

This prompted me to double check my USA Anker 767 box and the data plate on the bottom side of the 767. The box it came in says LiFePO4 and the data plate on the bottom says Li-ion with the recycle symbol.

I’m now worried that this thing doesn’t have LiFePO4 batteries and instead has the more dangerous Li-ion batter packs. Can someone explain what the labels on the unit itself say Li-Ion and not LFP technology?


This is concerning to me, @john_falck. Please reach out to for an explanation.