Anker 675 Docking Station: New Purchase!

Curious if any of you have this dock or one like it, and what you think. My thoughts are below. TLDR: My neat nick brain loves this dock.

I’ve waited a long time for this beast to make its way into my life.

The 675 is a 12-in-1 monitor stand, fully powered, OF COURSE.

USB -C Upstream port (for company-issued MacBook Air, M1)
DC-in port (for powering the beast)
2xUSB-A 3.2 Gen Ports (10GBPS data at 4.5w charging)
Ethernet port
HDMI port
Wireless charging pad (Qi-certified. It begs the question, I need a new iPhone, don’t I? Currently on iPhone 11, so no Qi charging)
2x USB-C 3.2 Gen Ports (10GBPS data at total of 45w charging)
USB-A 3.2 Gen (10gbps data transfer, supports 7.5w with BC1.2 to charge small devices eg, watches, headphones)
SD/microSD slot (I mean, I don’t need it, but I’ll be glad I have it?)
Audio in/out (haven’t tried it yet, can’t imagine it’s useful)
LED power button (Yo! Savin’ the family some money during peak electric hours!)

Obviously the biggest benefit yet is … well, LOOK! That desk never has looked less jumbled while simultaneously managing to be very useful/adjustable.

So fresh and so clean!


Oho, thats a nice device.
I am sure many will like and need that.
But at last , its always a question of the price.:wink:

Completely. The cost is, well, it’s Anker and it’s decidedly not a cheap build. Lots of capacity in this form factor.

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Looks sweet…

One I have considered to use with my current M1 and screen setup but it tad too rich for my pocket at the moment, especially with no hybrid working 🥲

One thing @AnkerOfficial might be wise using a lower res photo, you can make out quite a bit of detail on your desktop folders and Facebook page :wink:

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I love how security conscious y’all are. There’s nothing serious in this pic:)

Edit: Replaced the photo.

I would love something like this for the home, but the price has kept me from taking the plunge. We use similar stations at work, but unfortunately not Anker mostly due to the price. But I’m still working on getting them to change! :crossed_fingers:t2:


There are some advantages to making office equipment:)


I bet there are!!

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I use two different docks currently, but a dock built into a stand is a pretty sweet idea.

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Looks really great I’ve debated getting it but it joins my long list of Anker products I want but don’t have the funds or a strong enough need for at the moment