Anker 2.0.2 iOS app broke my Solix system


I have a solar installation consisting of an Anker MI80 inverter and two cascaded Solarbanks E1600.

Everything was working perfectly until I updated the Anker iOS app today (2.0.2). It’s night time, family load is set at 300W, batteries are 45% and 80% and no energy is flowing to the inverter. The system has simply stopped working. At one point, one of my Solarbank LED started blinking red, I reset it and it went back to green.

I have tried everything: reinstalling the app, resetting the batteries, recreating a new system. Nothing works!

Has anyone else experienced any problems? Any solutions you can suggest?

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,



je serai intéressé de connaitre comment vous avez réglé le pb ? je viens de recevoir le matériel, installé hier et après 2h malgré la batterie chargée a 90% et une charge famille réglée a 200w rien ne vas dans la maison.
merci d’avance
je suis en 2.1.0