Android Police Review of Roav Bolt



Anker Roav Bolt is like a (buggy) Google Home for your car

While not a hit piece, the article does point out the pros and cons. I have the very same configuration/issues as the author of the article.

I have also been in communications with Roav support and in contact with OnePlus to see if they have any ideas on correcting some of the Bluetooth issues. Part of the issue that I see is that my 12Vcd socket is constantly powered, and it looks like the Roav Bolt might need to be power cycled to get reconnected to Bluetooth. Roav support believed that my first Roav Bolt was defective, so I returned it to Best Buy. The second Roav Bolt suffers from the same issues. When I leave the vehicle for any extended period of time when I return to the vehicle I am met by a Cylon toaster (scanning red LEDs) that Roav support believes that the OnePlus 6T (Global (9.0.13)) goes into a deep Bluetooth standby mode which causes the connection to be broken. But I have other Bluetooth devices that remain unaffected. When I check the connected Bluetooth devices (Roav) does not appear in the currently connected devices, but if you check the “Previously Connected Devices” the Roav Bolt is there and can be connected… Turning off Bluetooth and turning Bluetooth back on does the same thing as does rebooting the phone. Once that is done the Roav with function for some time, until the Bluetooth connection is interrupted. None of my other Bluetooth devices have this issue, but they also have a background app/task that might keep the connection alive. Roav Bolt also ignores me from time to time, but so does my wife.

I still have open tickets with Roav and OnePlus and will let you know what is decided.

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I still feel, this should have been tested more, removed all the issues, and released as a polished device…

Had bought it at BestBuy as soon as it was available. Myself didnt have a good experience, opened case with Roav Support, which has helped to the maximum extent possible. But there is always a time, when you decide to let-go at a certain point… i reached it. Returned the Roav Bolt back to the store this afternoon.

Will re-visit Bolt when all the issues are resolved and comes out of Beta for iOS


I just finished with OnePlus support and we went through a troubleshooting matrix and have determined that there is something with the implementation of the Roav Bolt that is causing many of these issues. Google might also be part of the issue, but we will have to wait and see.

I think that the safest bet would to have kept this in beta and not put it out to the public in the state that it is in. Brand damage of a product not ready for primetime can and may leave the public head shy of your brand. When a Roav engineer says that they can not reproduce the issue, but we are living and experiencing the issues (grain of salt) so maybe, instead of dismissing it as a bad production unit and directing us to return the unit for replacement, they should ask for a configuration detail to see if there are any similarities to reported issues. I feel that there is to much wasted effort in customer service asking the very same questions and not reviewing prior statements and answers. Maybe Roav needs to setup a Google Forms?!


I have Note 8 and I just won one one fromthe latest contest. I plan on testing it and see if I can see if I get these types of issues.

Hopefully these issues are only with certain Android phones.


Had tested with iOS ( still beta)

Hope to hear good news from all the selected Roav Bolt Testers :slight_smile:


I’d like to test it out once all the issues are fixed


I am still interested in the bolt. I would have understood a delay due to these issues and waited more time for a fully working/tested product. Hope this doesn’t tarnish the ROAV name.


I will use this as a replacement of Roav F0
Only time will tell if not having media buttons on Bolt will bother me…


Still not fixed and the OnePlus 6T lock screen issue makes this a dumb and dangerous device. Unlock the phone to interface with the Bolt, and all is well maybe a minute or longer and ask “Hey Google” and the white LEDs scroll without a audio response. Ask again and you night hear a double connection tone one right after the first. Google may respond (Bolt) Many times I leave the vehicle with the phone in hand return to the vehicle let’s say an hour later to find (red scanning LEDs) (cylon toaster) and you have to turn off Bluetooth and the turn on Bluetooth. While driving you have to constantly unlock the phone to get the Bolt to function as a smart device… (still half baked)