Android app stopped working entirely.

As you can see in the google Playstore, many users, including me, can no longer use the eufy app AT ALL. It does not start. It shows a white screen, or, if you’re lucky, a white screen with the eufy logo in the center, and that’s it. It does not load. My device is a default, unrooted, Samsung S22 Ultra, so I would reckon this would be important for eufy to fix, but thus far no updates and no news about any fix.
I tried re-installing an older backup, but that fails too. It does not start with the old data. So you’d have to delete all your devices and then install anew. Which is impossible. I’m not going to unmount all cameras and switches and scan all barcodes on the backs of our 3 year old doorbell, cams and switches that were all scanned and registered already years go for my installation. Apparently this is what eufy expects me to do, or what’s up with this forced and pushed misery you’re putting us through?