Amazons Echo Auto

Amazon is looking to put Alexa everywhere, and they recently revealed the echo auto …it looks somewhat similar to what we have seen from Anker in terms of their hidden messages and teaser photos they showed us
Amazon Echo Auto

Road mystery product

So what do ou guys think about Amazon’s echo auto? And how do you feel about it being similar to Ankers mystery product that they had scrapped?

Personally I would have loved to see a collaboration between Amazon and Anker for this product. But sadly now since Amazon has beaten anker to the market they will have to revise their design and bring something more unique and can do more to the market in order to compete


The Echo Auto doesn’t have an FM transmitter, so if you have an older car without an aux port or Bluetooth, you still need an FM transmitter to use it. Incorporating an FM transmitter would be a differentiator. So would a heads-up display.

I’m conflicted now about whether to use the Echo Auto with the FM transmitter I already have or whether to go with the Roav Viva Pro if I can catch a sale. Suppose it makes more sense for me to try the Echo Auto as I already have the transmitter.

It will be available to test later this year for $25(50%off) via invitation

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It looks like the Echo Auto can be placed anywhere in your car in case your cigarette lighter outlet isn’t in a convenient location. I just hope it has a tacky bottom so it doesn’t slide around the dash!

It comes with a dash mount. Not sure how it attaches though.

I signed up , hope I get picked. I’m a huge Amazon Alexa fan/user and I think this would be an improvement over the Roav Viva I have. Itd be nice to control my spotify again.

If you go to the Amazon Alexa app, you can choose your default music app so whenever you play music it will play from that account. Mine is currently set for spotify and any device I use Amazon will play my spotify playlist

Native amazon products will have its advantages. Spotify at current is not avail in Roav. Eg, Software features like calling is still not supported on Sonos One while amazon native devices u can do them. So we have to see how fast Anker reacts n how “nasty” amazon will be in supporting software rollouts for vendors :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like my Roav at where it is now. seamless. nothing additional on the dash :slight_smile:

I’m so confused about all of this. What exactly is this going to be? It’s not the Amazon Echo Auto, right? That’s specifically made by Amazon. So is this something similar made by Anker/Roav? It’s Friday and I need the weekend to come now. LOL! :smiley:

Oh wait…I just read Anker’s comment about this being postponed. :+1: Makes more sense now. hahaha. Happy Friday everyone!


You spaz, lol. I think you need a vacation haha


You have now idea…Christmas break cannot come soon enough. We’re locking ourselves in and having a staycation! WOO!

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