All New Power Strips: Surprise Giveaway!

When a new Anker product launches on a Monday… we feel GOOD :star_struck:

That’s why we’re bringing you a surprise giveaway for the all-new Anker Power Strips!

Read on to see how you can win one :point_down:

Power strips don’t have to be heavy or unwieldy.

With an Anker Power Strip, you get the power you need in a smart, compact package that also keeps your desk or nightstand looking neat and tidy.

Okay so… How do you win one of these :fire: new power strips??

Read through the instructions below for all you need to know!

Power Strip Popup Giveaway Instructions


  1. Winners will be randomly drawn from all successful entries once the giveaway has commenced
  2. Prizes Include:
    a. Anker 521 Power Strip (1 Winner)
    b. Anker 623 Power Strip (1 Winner)
    c. Anker 321 Power Strip (1 Winner)
  3. Entries close on May 27th @ 11:59PM PST

How to Enter:


  1. Sign up for the giveaway by entering through the page linked above
  2. Complete the actions highlighted on the giveaway page to earn entries
  3. Earn as many entries as you can before the giveaway closes - the more entries you have, the better your chance to win!

And that’s about it!

For anyone interested in securing one of the new Power Strips immediately, you can visit the links below to learn more:

Please let us know if you have any questions in the replies below, and with that, best of luck!


Yay, a Monday giveaway! I recently bought the Power Strip pad, but could certainly use one of these as well.

On to the questions:

  • Where you’d use your new Power Strip: We have a number of devices plugged in near our bed, so this would free up several outlets.
  • Which devices you’d plug into your new Power Strip: iPhone, Computer, etc?
  • Which new Power Strip model would be best for you: With a family of 4, all of whom need plugs, we could use them all! :slight_smile:

(By the way, I did post a messy plug photo on Instagram, but I can’t seem to get the Gleam app to link to it…)


Let’s go!!!


I have the 623 and love it. I got one for the dinning room and my desk and it makes it look nice with the organization.


I would use an Anker power strip in my living room as a way to permanently have charging ports and outlets available.

My family would plug all sorts of devices in throughout the day (iPads, iPhones, MacBooks), but most important to me is the surge protection for the subwoofer, which isn’t protected at all right now.

I think the 521 model is the best power strip for me. It’s right in between the 321 and the 623 size-wise, which I believe is perfect for a small side table. And again, this model is also great because of the integrated surge protection.


The 521 and 623 would look great on my office desk and would keep my personal and work phones juiced up as well as my powercore when needed. #LoveThese


That 623 power strip would look great on my desk!


All of them would do be great for the hubby’s desk. Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


The 623 would be best for my use, I would use it in my bedroom to charge my smartphone, my daughter’s and my tablet.


Anker products are hailed worldwide hope to win this time giveaway so i can personally experience the quality if anker products💜


Yes! Love my Anker products!

I just got a new office desk so I would use one of those on my desk so I wouldn’t have to fish for cords or ports to change devices.


These power strips will be great for my family! I can’t wait to get a few!


Reminder these USA only


I thought that by looking at the products but couldn’t see it mentioned anywhere.


@AnkerOfficial please check your DM’s :+1:


Hard to believe these aren’t already in the Anker lineup. Can’t wait!


​- Where you’d use your new Power Strip
- next to my bed

  • Which devices you’d plug into your new Power Strip
    • phone, ear buds, Kindle, Got-cha
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My work from home office (AKA the basement) would benefit from either of the 321, 623, or the 521 power strips. Being able to hook up the laptop and/or iPhone to declutter my desk area. Then it would be nice to have a phone fully charge after work since I’m on it constantly on the phone for work. Then actually having enough charge to run off to all of the kiddos sports activities afterwards.

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Thanks for this Anker.

With the Anker 623 Power Strip, I’d install it as my charging station for my Samsung S21, iPad Pro and Dell XPS 13 laptop.