Adventure Has Arrived | 757 PowerHouse Now Available!

Today’s the day!! The all-new 757 PowerHouse is now available for purchase :star_struck:

We’ve built this product to redefine what you think you know about portable power, bringing you our longest-lasting, most powerful powerstation yet.

Whether it’s the 3,000 battery cycles, the 50,000 hour electronics life expectancy, or any and all of the specs in between, the new PowerHouse brings with it an unprecedented level of both durability and reliability.

If you’re wondering how confident we are in the statement above, how’s a 5-year product warranty?

Here’s just a glance at how the 757 stacks up against other comparable powerstation brands:

Featuring 13 ports total and an 80% Recharge time of just 1 hour, power for your next adventure has never been more easily accessible.

Ready to see for yourself? Click here to learn more and use code ‘POWERHOUSE’ at checkout to take $100 off your order.

Welcome to the future of power that’s made to last :muscle: :zap:


Yay! It’s been a long month waiting for this! Now when will the 625 Solar Panel be released?

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Unsure but for some reason I thought it was going to be a little bit bigger. For some reason I thought it was about the twice the amount.