Adjust recording time on eufycam

We need to be able to manually adjust the recording time so recording continues until motion is no longer detected.

We appreciate the feedback!

In the meantime you can do some things to make sure you’re getting the most out of the system:

  1. Raise the motion detection sensitivity
  2. Select ‘optimal’ in the surveillance mode settings.
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there is an option for longer settings under camera settings called “working mode”
battery life is 20sec
optimal surveillance is 60sec

Ive never seen unlimited on a battery powered cam of any brand

To give you an example of the issue with recording right now:

  • My camera is set to surveillance mode, rather than battery-life mode
  • Sensitivity is maxed out at 75

When the milk delivery came in the middle of the night, recording stopped at 10 seconds, even though he was still moving around and literally crouched down at my front door, the same as a burglar might be. This is the typical behavior I see, where a recording is somewhere between 7 and 12 seconds regardless of the amount of activity occurring.

That needs to get fixed or it’s as much product-killer as the dramatic lack of range used to be.

We are coming out with a new update that will address some of these delay concerns!

Thanks for the response, but “a delay when recording starts” (I, personally, haven’t had any concerns there) is much less of an issue than the RECORDING LENGTH. If I’m using the setting that should record up to 60 seconds based on activity within the sensing area of motion detection, but I’m only seeing 7-12 seconds of video REGARDLESS OF HOW LONG ACTIVITY ACTUALLY OCCURRED, that’s a major bug for a security system.

Speaking of recording duration, what happened to this detail from the Kickstarter campaign?

“Extending the maximum recording time from 120 seconds to 300 seconds.”

Taken from the Feature Update section of

Looks like the HB update has fixed the recording length issue, at least insofar as “optimum surveillance mode” is concerned, as I’m now seeing 60-second recordings. They take a LOT longer to appear on the Events tab, though, so that might be something that needs looking in to.

And something else I’ve just noticed, which is (maybe?) something already reported: if “new motion” occurs within the 60 seconds of recording, it does not register.

For example, an activity within detection range lasts 20 seconds and begins a 60-second recording. If, however, during the remaining 40 seconds, ADDITIONAL MOTION IS DETECTED, it is lost as the current recording neither extends beyond 60 seconds nor does it trigger a new 60-second recording.

Can you tell us more?

When will it be?
What changes will be made?

Yes, I’ve noticed that too. This needs to be fixed to reduce the delay between recordings.

We’re coming out with an official update very soon!


Great, thank you.

The recording length / motion stop is still not working right (not even counting the 5 minutes promised in the campaign). It is far too willing to stop recording.

I have a clip from this morning of a guy coming to my door and putting something through my letterbox. He struggles and so takes a few seconds to put it through, after 9 seconds the recording stops while he still is reaching through my letterbox. He’s still moving, bending over to do it.

I have no footage of him finishing, walking away off my drive (or indeed breaking into my house if that’s what he did).

If you want I can send you this clip. In my opinion it should record for at least a set period of time after motion, e.g. 20 - 30s (perhaps customisable) regardless of what happens. Right now it seems that the second someone stops moving, it stops recording, and won’t start again for a while.

So if you want to break into my house all you have to do is walk onto my drive, freeze in place for a second or so, then continue as you wish.

If you want I can email the clip to you. I’m on the latest version of the app & latest camera firmware, highest sensitivity of recording and maximum recording length.

EDIT: Also I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature or coincidence or what but… I don’t know if you can watch the live feed while the camera is also recording a clip. E.g. if you get a notification that someone is spotted and try to watch the live feed, it seems like it doesn’t let you - maybe just coincidence? The ability to get a notification when the camera detects motion and immediately jump to live from the notification would be great. I would have been able to watch the guy myself…

Second edit: Just noticed that this event happened at 09:38 AM and at 09:55 my cameras updated to the latest firmware so maybe this will be better now…

It will make the live feed a seperate video. You should be able to opt in. Let us know how the new firmware is working for you.


I’m having issues with the recording time as well. My eufyCam 2 is recording only 5s clips in night mode. On every camera mode. Please help. Software ver


Hi, I’m having a bit of trouble setting up my eufy system. I have 4 cameras and one them (the back yard) is recording 20 second bursts all day long with my young kids in and out of the house… is it possible for this camera only to only record from 7pm to 7am and leave the other 3 as normal?

There is a snooze alerts option up to 2h and if you go into security you can set up a schedule.

Has anyone had a fix for the recording time issue yet? I am still getting 7-15second recordings even the motion is still ongoing. I am also getting no recordings at all even though the motion is around the cameras for enough time that should trigger the cameras.