A potential device for Anker to make powerbank/tire inflator

I know Anker makes a car starter but saw this and thought this would be a neat little item to make as well. It has a powerbank and also able to inflate a tire up as needed.

I am not sure @professor would like such one for his bike.
A normal bicycle pump will do.

And there is no help if there is a flat tire! :thinking:

We have one car, we minimise its use by biking as much as possible.

In the boot is indeed an Anker car starter / emergency phone charger / flashlight. But also is an older bike pump, the type you put feet on and pull handle up/down. It is faster than an electric pump and less parts to fail.

You’ve got a car, with a boot, you don’t have to put smaller complex slower things inside it when a larger simpler faster alternative has all the space you’d need.

I’m interested in a small electric pump for my camping airbed, currently I just use lungs and tolerate the brief giddiness.

Inflating “by hand/feet” is healthy and good for the physical condition!
Those pumps are simple and work always.

It would be a good addition to their product line