A New Portable Power Station is Coming!

It’s smaller, lighter and fast!

It looks like the 757, but it’s smaller, weighing in at 26.4 pounds compared with the 757 (ahem F1200’s) 46 pounds. It’s got HyperFlash, too, of course. So you know it’s light and fast-charging!


And yes, it’s me. The same admin posting from a different account. Long story, but this is where you’ll find me going forward! (Don’t over think this. Seriously, don’t.)


It doesn’t matter which account you are using .
As long its not a “true ghost” :grinning:

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RIGHT? What is UP with that? I think it’s a discourse glitch, and I’m not clever enough to resolve it.

Is it the one with Bluetooth, or the one with Bluetooth and WiFi?

Honestly, I’m not sure. Let me look into this.

Yes it’s got app support, but I know there’s Bluetooth and Wifi models with a button you press to do something (pairing mode?)

The Link above says 2400W, but if you click on it then says 1800W


I remain baffled by not sharing openly a roadmap.

Hi! Sorry for the long delay … the C1000 offers 1800 watts of power and handles surges up to 2400watts.

Does that help?

bluetooth and wifi!

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