A lot of offers for ANKER products (DE)


Good find Franz.
I hope you and Mrs Franz are prepared and ready for Christmas.

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Hallo Paul mein Freund!

Glad to see you
Yes, all fine here so far.
A lot of snow and pretty cold.
See my wood stocks melting! :roll_eyes:

All the best for you & your family!

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That’s great to hear Franz :+1:t2:
It’s been cold here (cold for the UK) but no proper snow in our area, just lots of frost.
The weather will turn mild tomorrow so hopefully the ice will melt.
I can quite belive the woodpile is reducing quickly.
My friends further north in Germany are reporting cold weather too.

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Fortunately I can fire a tile stove.
Others can not.
This way I am able to decrease the natural gas bill.

First of january is “d-day” :
The price for natural gas will be about 20c for one kwh
electricity about 60c for one kwh.

Many people here dont know how to pay that.
The reason?

Of course not only the ukrainian war.
All “home made”!
But no politics! :grin:

Yes similar “offers” for UK but I don’t need anything, particularly at these high prices.

Reminder that China is entering quite a bad period which will impact factory output now for a couple of months, so if you need anything soon then don’t wait. “Buy now while stocks last”.

I track all global politics, including German :wink: Impressive German efficiency with the new LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven.

I have 6 months of cooking/heating fuel in the home. Just in case. If it came to it (unlikely).

This was the first cold snap since I moved to a new house. Stayed in house when the thaw came, just in case any pipes frozen I didn’t notice. Was good. So back out - walked 12 miles today, funnily enough listening to German news, about China.


Nice deals just in time for the holidays! Thanks for sharing with all of us hope all is well by you