7-in-1 USB-C Hub | Windows 10 keeps killing power to ethernet

Hi all,
First time poster. I purchased a 7-in-1 USB-C hub recently, but I am having issues with it. Every 30 minutes or so, Windows seems to kill power to the unit. This disconnects the ethernet, but not the HDMI and USB ports for some reason. I already tried changing the power and USB settings but this does not resolve the issue. My previous (cheap Chinese) hub did not have this same issue. Can someone help me resolve this issue or is my unit defective? Thanks in advance!

It sounds like the hub is not receiving enough power. Does the hub have a power input? If so, you might want to try a different power source. At any rate, feel free to reach out to support@anker.com for further assistance.

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Thanks for the reply!
I have one of these https://www.anker.com/products/variant/usb-c-hub,-7in1-usb-c-adapter/A83460A1
, so it draws power from my laptop (Lenovo Yoga c940) right? Can I change the power that is transferred over to the USB-C ports? I will send an email to the official support too, thanks again!


Read it here

You need to put your charger into the hub, then the hub is powered, and your laptop int the hub so the hub charges laptop.

It doesn’t say what power the hub needs for itself but as a guess I’d say 15W, so e.g. 60W charger will give laptop 45W.

Okay, thats not really explained anywhere is it? Makes sense though. I used this on 2 laptops, but my Yoga does not have USB-C charging. Is it safe to keep te charger from my work laptop attached to the hub? As in will it not force power into my Yoga when essentially 2 chargers are hooked up to it? Thanks a lot!

Try it, may work or not.

There’s going to be some power coming from the laptop to the hub and so some things may work, I’m guessing there isn’t enough power for the Ethernet.

Try a charger into the hub and see if that fixes it, if does then further investigations.

I have a 45W charger plugged into the hub (Anker A2322) and have the same issue.

My hub is the PowerExpand 8-in-1USB-C (A8380).

I also loose ethernet connectivity regularly + I can hear the sound of a USB device disconnecting and connecting again.

Other possible causes of this issue?


I have one of these USB hubs too, and I recently needed to use the Ethernet port and ran into the same issue (ethernet keeps disconnecting every few minutes). I have a 130W Dell power adapter connected to a Dell XPS 9320. The laptop came with a 65W power adapter, and I bought the larger one to avoid power issues like those mentioned here, but this did not work. I’m a bit out of ideas, did someone sort this out, is there a viable solution other than buying another adapter?