633 Magnetic Battery

Hi, I am a huge anker fan and have too many products in my house from Anker. My latest addition is the Anker 633 Magnetic battery - it is small and compact and makes it easy to charge my iphone 14! Absolutely love it.

There was a bit of confusion when I purchased it - the specs said 10,000mAh but when I looked on the side it said 5,000mAh. I was initially disappointed. After searching on the web, I soon discovered that “The 10,000mAh capacity consists of two 5,000mAh batteries that are connected in series.” - mystery solved.

My recommendation to Anker is to avoid confusion like this by clearly printing the actual mAh on the side!

Overall it is an awesome well built product and I use it every day!!


Often the different specs are more than confusing.
Sometimes even the support does not know the correct one! :rofl:

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