6-in-1 Works w/ DELL, but NOT my LG Gram laptop

Re: the PowerExpand 6-in-1 Usb-C dongle (w/ ethernet).
This dongle works like a charm w/ my 2 Dell Laptops (one w/ windows 10, the other windows 11). BUT DOES NOT WORK with my new LG Gram laptop (brand new…only 90 days old). BUT IT IS WORSE…the way it fails is HUGELY WEIRD.

When I have the dongle plugged into the LG, during any reboot, Windows 11 FAILS to BOOT. The screen shows the LG logo, but no “spinning” indicator (saying the boot is progressing). Nothing.

And it will NEVER boot…never…I waited 20 minutes once as an experiment…the laptop NEVER booted. But the moment I unplug the dongle, Windows 11 shows the spinning “making progress” circle and the boot finishes a moment later.

Thoughts? (I don’t believe there is any DRIVER necessary…at least I found none on the ANKER site).
What does DELL have that LG doesn’t? Any others booting w/ this dongle w/ an newer LG laptop?

What are you seeing in the bios for boot order on the LG when the hub is connected? Might be trying to boot via the hub (pxe, usb etc) rather direct from the onboard ssd

Yes i found the issue, but thank you for responding. The Windows boot manager and bios was set up to boot from the network. Neither of my Dell laptops come with that default. But the LG laptop defaults to NETWORK.

Have a good day