45W Samsung Super Fast Charging Adapters. Help me, please.

Hi Everyone,
I have the original Samsung 45W “Super Fast Charging” Adapter to charge my Note10+. So far, I really like how fast it charges my phone until recently I feel my USB-C to USB-C cable starting to wear out (sometimes can disconnect on certain angles). I used to buy Anker cable before for my Note8 because I trust their durability and it works with my “Adaptive Fast Charging” adapter for Note8.

As for my Note10+ right now, is there any Anker Cable USB-C to USB-C that supports the 45W charging speed of my adapter? I’m really hooked to the 45W charging speed.
Hopefully there is some alternatives in Anker.
Thank you, everyone.

Yes, any of Anker’s USB-C to USB-C cables support that. Let me know what length you’re looking for if you want a specific recommendation.

If you’re interested in an Anker charger, you’ll have to wait for PowerPort Atom III Pod 65W. Hope this helps!


Is that comptable with Samsung Note 10+ 45W?

Often proprietary sneeks in.

I see


So you’re thinking the Anker charger PPS will work 45W in a Note 10+ ?

I did also check benchmarks… seems the Note 10+ is too small to benefit from >25W?

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That’s my assumption.

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It would be great if Anker targeted sending a review unit of the PPS Powerport to someone with the Note 10+ and they actually put a USB meter on it and timed it too. That’s a worthwhile use of the Testing club.

Because there are so many reasons it would not work, proving would be required before spending $$$.

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Any cable should do the trick, if you don’t want an Anker cable you can get Samsung’s, they go for $15

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