3D Printing Anker Add-ons!

Hi all,

I recently printed a stand for my Anker 5w charger with a Lulzbot Taz 6 3d printer. Check it out:

As I was cruising Thingiverse, the place to get design files for free, I noticed there are literally hundreds of designs for Anker products:

So my questions are:

  1. Is anyone else here into 3D printing? If so, what design programs do you use. I need a good free STL editor.

  2. If you could 3D print anything in the world as an accessory to your Anker product(s), what would you print? Feel free to choose something from Thingiverse or come up with something on your own. I might just print it myself :sunglasses:


That’s pretty neat. I don’t have a 3d printer yet, I wish I did.


I 3D printed a stand for my PowerPort 5 with USB-C, sadly it got lost when we moved and I no longer have the computer it was saved on. We have a micro 3d printer so I may start playing around with it again and see what I can come up with.

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Awesome topic.


omg that is so cool


You could probably mod something like this and recreate it pretty easily:

This might even work right out of the box:

Yeah I saw those, mine was so much simpler than that. Oh well. I’ll get around to it in of these days. I do want to make a stand for the powerwave pad though

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Anker should sell things like this on Amazon

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That is so cool! :sunglasses::heart_eyes::open_mouth::hushed: Been thinking about getting one of these someday

This one is at work. Had to test it out on something…

I also designed a case for my fusion 5000 today. Should be done tonoght, I’ll post it tomorrow

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Wow the stand is crazy cool! Great job man!

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@gAnkster Bro! Bro! C’mon! Bro! You have to hook me up just like that! That is awesome! Love the stand! Need my shipping address?

This thing is pretty cool. I could easily see an @AnkerOfficial version of something like this…


I would hope you didn’t own that machine, in a good day it’s under 3 grand but mostly it goes for around 3500. Craziness if you owned it for just general use.

Lulzbot is selling it for 2.5K but it’s still not a printer for general consumers. Better to makerspace it or get a cheaper lulzbot. On the other hand, Amazon has $200 3d printers but who knows how good they are. I’ve had enough problems with extruder jamming and such with the lulzbot taz 6. I hate to think what would happen with a cheaper printer…

It’s probably not a winning investment either way. I estimate the charger stand cost $4 in plastic, but that doesn’t take into account the cost of the printer. You would have to print a lot of $4 things to make up for a $2500 printer.

Wow these are all so cool. What kinds of 3D primers do y’all have cause I’m looking into get in one just not sure what type is a good one

Are there 3D printer you can recommend?

It is so cool!
How much is it cost to 3D print?


wow!! that is so cool! I want that 3D printer!