$20 Gift Card for You, 10% off for Your Friend!

We want to thank our community members for always helping us spread the good words about our products! We are excited to announce #AnkerReferral making sharing your love for our products even more valuable!!

Big Announcement!

Would you like to receive a $20 gift card and save your friends 10%? Here’s your chance!

Just share your exclusive referral link with your friends—it’s that easy!

Learn more by clicking on the pictures below and get rewarded now.

For US Customers :arrow_down:
For UK Customers :arrow_down:
For EU Customers :arrow_down:
For other EU Customers: https://www.anker.com/eu-en/referral


£300 is a lot.

So it’s not really a thankyou. A thankyou would be just send us £20 coupon off Anker, full stop.


You have a point!

Let’s see….

US referral link :white_check_mark:
UK referral link :white_check_mark:
EU referral link :white_check_mark:

CA referral link? 🤷

Now if terms are $300+ guess really not a bother…

Glad to see some effort in bringing life back to the community though. :wink:

Wow $300+ is kind of a lot I thought it would be just for a purchase but I’m happy to at least see anything of the community coming back to life

Haven’t read it totally like you did.
Will not take part.

This is better for unsocial media users.
There they have "followers, “lovers” and “friends”.
I don’t have those at all.

I am a lonesome Neanderthaler.
The last one of his tribe.:laughing:


So technically if they spend 300 and they get 10 percent then that is 30 dollars off. You then get 20. So a total of 250 for them and 50 for you and a friend.

If the 20 dollars is changed into a percentage it would be 7 percent and plus the 10 percent is 17 percent.

17 percent is pretty normal for a discount for them for items they have on sale.

Although 300 hundred is a lot for you to get a friend to buy so that you can get a 20. LOL They should have just stated you can get your friend 10 percent and you will get 7 percent of the charge on any charge

You lose any other the benefit to make extra off your friend if they spend more than 300 (:rofl:)

If they had spent say 500 then you could have got 35 instead of just 20 if they just you the percentage

Need to see if I have any friends who want to make me a free 20…