10 Key Issues eufyCam Users Have Asked

SmartThings Integration (or MQTT support) please!

its now Q4 of 2019… where is the range extender?

Indeed, it appears that a range extender will not be available until, possibly, the end of 2030… :roll_eyes:

I was going to buy two additional eufyCam to add to my current two-camera system but since the wait has been so long (like almost a year later), I have unfortunately decided to remove the current two eufyCam and the hub and look for another surveillance system… :pensive:

One thing I have learned about eufy/Anker is that one cannot trust what ever timetable they present to their customers!

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@Daz_PC_Access @SpaceWalker As per my post under another topic from a PM with AnkerTechnical, the range extender is not going to be released…

@Daz_PC_Access @SpaceWalker Have you tried this below work around to setup homebase to wifi and move close to the eufycam that has poor signal? If you have a large square foot space and one homebase is not able to cover the cameras, you can add another homebase and split camera group between these 2 homebases. Only issue is if you have a camera too far outside the house, the homebase with the available signal strength cannot cover that, which may not suit for your needs.

And yes, the official wifi extenders are dead now. :pensive:

Well that sucks. Thanks for the info :+1:

My entire house is less than 150sqm, so it’s not that big at all. Also, from what I can see, there is no option to buy just a homebase here in Australia

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