What's your take on AMAZON'S "Verified Purchase" Badge with the product review!



If not bought from them, Amazon Wouldn’t Either Allow You to post a review or may take away the privileges to review at all on their website

**Intended for WeLove Testing Guys in particular who receive free products and want to review on amazon ** . And it has recently happened to one of the Anker’s products too where amazon banned the reviews if not actually bought through amazon. I think this was unfair because Anker is giving billions of dollars business to amazon and even if a product is for testing purpose it still is FBA.

It’s a known fact though, Anker is totally complying with amazon’s policies on reviews and noone from Anker ever ask a product tester to post a review on amazon.

Would you dare risking your account on amazon with unverified purchase review on a product you received from an ongoing testing campaign???

Thanks for your time to read the topic and being an active Anker Community member…


This is a good thing and a bad thing. It stops fake reviews which are detrimental to- basically everything. But on the other hand, if I get a product from anywhere else, amazon won’t let me review it freely…


good explanation… :+1:


I had the same issues with amazon. de.

Writing an email doesn’t solve that.
It will vanish in their orcus.

Try a phone call.
This helped a lot in my case.

Never had any problems after that call.
May be they deleted me from their “black list” :smiley:


This could probably been the biggest mistake amazon ever made in their history then! :laughing: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I personally think Amazon should limit reviews to those that have purchased through them

If you haven’t purchased through Amazon then you still have Google, Facebook, blogs etc

Can you leave a eBay review of a seller that sells elsewhere?

Would you go to every retainers website that stocks an item and leave a review on all of them?


I agree, I hate fake reivews on Amazon, I use 3rd party websites to determine whether a product is legit or not, and generally it works. You’d be surprised how many products have thousands of fake reviews…


Usually if you wait a few weeks from when it ships and then post you are good. I swear amazon puts this block up everytime anker has a giveaway, which is frankly laughable. If I get a testing item, even when sometimes shipped from them, why would they block me :sweat_smile:


I am not blacklisted yet but at least it came to know that you shouldn’t review without actually buying it from Amzn. Also, if you review So quick after delivery, they remove the “verified purchase “ banner from your posted review.

Anyway, it’s just fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ; who cares about Amzn. We only love Anker :heart_eyes_cat:


I think, writing honest reviews at amazon is as helpful as publishing a video somewhere.
I would not dare to write lies about a product.
I am too old to lie. :neutral_face:


To tell a lie isn’t age restricted. You may try. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ive been reviewing with amazon for years. Ive had 4 reviews removed even though they were purchased. They were removed almost 6 months after posting.

I did notice many of the other reviews werr gone to.

Amazon can do what they want. Loosing a few customers because they cant review isnt a big deal. Their review policy sucks and you have no way to argue your case. Ive gotten to thr point that even when I buy Anker products from amazon i dont review it.

If amazon sends me productd from them to review I will. As to other products I buy from Amazon, I review some of the products.


The verified purchase restrictions came into effect roughly around the time of their review purges which were discussed a while ago…


I can see why they have done it but by doing so they have tarred all Amazon users with the same ‘my good review is due to a sample’ brush, even though they might want to give feedback on an item they actually own, though purchased elsewhere…

Rarely do I bother reviewing via Amazon anymore, both for purchases or none purchases due to these sort of changes…


I think its completely fair because other wise it can lead to a lot fake reviews🙂


Aukey specifically asks not to post review on amazon and Slickdeals for test products :+1:


Have you guys ever checked out FakeSpot.com? It’s pretty handy–you just insert a product’s URL (doesn’t necessarily has to be on Amazon) and it’ll scan for suspicious review activity. It’s kinda fun!


Even with Verified Purchase … there is still a huge review problem. Too many sellers recycle listings. They will sell something cheap and get thousands of 5* reviews, then re-use that listing for a totally different item. For example, check out this probably junk item from seller GRAGUO: https://www.amazon.com/Lightning-Headphone-Adapter-Charging-Splitter/dp/B07RXQPK8P/

It’s got 4.3 rating from 4,400+ reviewers. Read the reviews and look at the images. Today, it is for a lightnight splitter, but previously, the seller used this listing to sell eyelash serum pen, an Anker bluetooth speaker, and more.

Amazon needs to shut THIS practice down.


This is more sketchy then you make it sound…

Almost like anker is involved…


Rightly pointed out …


Ohhh really … Anker Does The Same. In their emails Anker team warns you, when they confirm the shipping of a product ( you r selected to test through a vigorous process of testing your GoodLuck) :-

** Best regards,
Anker Marketing Team

Disclaimer: We have adjusted our review policy to be fully compliant with Amazon’s regulations and we do not require you to leave a review on Amazon for any product received for free or at a discount.**