What's your take on AMAZON'S "Verified Purchase" Badge with the product review!



I heard about it but never tested it : Would see today. Thnx


:open_mouth: now I understand how and why there are so much of hell like positive reviews On junks @ amazon. Hmmmm that’s informative:


Anker still wants you to post reviews on Amazon, they just don’t require it. They literally emailed me and asked me to post my review on Amazon once…


Ohhhhhh no :disappointed:. Maybe someone (individual at his/her own behalf extended this request for review on their product because every product’s promotion is responsibility of someone in-person from anker team). But that’s not usually their policy. …
If you received that email, its really concerning though :-1:


This is the exact wording that I copied and pasted…

“ would you consider taking a few minutes to tell other Amazon users about your Anker journey?”

They were referring to a specific product (liberty air) which I didn’t even win in a testing event…


I like the way you speak out :sunglasses:


Thanks for sharing this :open_mouth:. I just checked reviews for a product and it said that there is extreme deception…


Yes, FakeSpot literally strain the reviews through a superfine ‘honesty filter paper’. As an example see these two pictures… They tell you a lot about the story behind getting reviews for a product…


Compare that to the eufy doorbell…


I’ve never trusted fakespot, all it would take is for a competitor of a product to pay fakespot to mark a lower score on their site in their “algorithm”. You’re best off at using that site with a grain of salt along with actually looking at reviews yourself with fakespot score in mind.


That was what I was expecting from you… I deliberately left it over to you to get the difference… I love that :smile:


I have no idea about this… But lot of people still rely on fakespot in order to buy based on reviews… Thanks for sharing your thoughts…


I trust those reviews only, I faked by myself! :rofl:



Everyone does “some” “little bit” … But tells few of them…
You are actually brave :rofl:


No indeed, I try to tell always the truth… a little bit! :wink:


yeah you already told us you are too old to tell a lie… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fakespot, like Snopes, is a good resource. But they are FAR from perfect. Even fact checkers need fact checking, and a lot of it.


I only trust verified reviews on amazon don’t trust product with 8/10 reviews not verified likely fake and the product is garbage…


But that’s still a problem. When sellers switch items for the listings (say from a face lotion to an external battery), all of the reviews from the face lotion will still say Verified Review even though the listing is now something entirely different.

You really have to sift through a big chunk of the reviews … sometimes several hundred of them.


I think it is a necessary evil in a way. In an ideal world we could trust reviews of items without a verified purchase but it is such an effective (of course not perfect) method of reducing fake reviews.

I know that I value reviews quite heavily when I am researching products and I generally find them quite accurate.