What everyday items do you think Anker could improve on?

After spending several days in a hotel recently, I was struck by the number of common products and objects, both technological and otherwise, that could be easily improved.

Take for example the alarm clock. Anker recently released the Soundcore Wakey, a wireless charging speaker-filled clock which combines multiple products into one-- phone charger, radio, Bluetooth speaker, and alarm clock. This is an example of one of the many everyday items in which Anker has perceived a need for improvement, and created an innovative new item to integrate many functions into one.

The list goes on. Flashlight: Bolder LC90- rechargeable, inexpensive, extremely bright. Eufy Smart Scale C1: Scale and body measurement readings, instantly viewable anywhere with a smartphone.

So I ask you, Anker Community: What everyday items could Anker improve, alter, or create in order to refine daily life?

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Would love to see Anker make an off grid solar (battery storage) lighting solution used for backyard gazabos, outdoor gardens, camping, ect.

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There are soooo many things Anker could make, modify, and improve on. The biggest thing for me right now is the Soundcore Wakey and the Roav Bolt. They already did an awesome job on those. But that is for another topic.

I use headlamps for work and an Anker version of it would be really nice. It gets dark in them electrical cabinets.

LED work lights, not a handheld torch but small LED panel lights.

An smartwatch, very similar to the Samsung Gear (love the look of that watch).

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Covered in detail by numerous members here (some of which have actually became reality after a few months);