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Submitted my test plan :laughing::laughing::laughing: I am very excited about this new speaker.

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Really nice looking outdoor party speaker! Need this in the UK too!

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Iโ€™m active already. They havenโ€™t sent the sample yet :frowning:

So no way to join.

Hi everyone! I was trying to sign up for the soundcore speaker but keep getting the notification that the link is broken. Is anyone else getting this?

I sometimes get that message when applying from my phone. The same links seem to work fine when I use my laptop to apply.

:frowning: that stinks!

Yeah, that speaker looks soo cool! Good luck to everyone who applied!

@TechnicallyWell. I believe they need to use this link. https://community.anker.com/forum when applying if they are putting their review on the forum. I had got this issue when I had decided to try for a testing club product. I was putting at the anker site and getting link is broken. I hope that helps @Jelle.

same here for the p2.

Iโ€™m hoping I get selected to test this speaker out, I want to be able to test it out in paired mode with the Trance speaker I won on the Soundcore site. It would be totally epic if I got selected as this would be the first that I am aware of someone testing their party speakers in paired mode.

I would love love love to be able to do this, so letโ€™s make it happen. Letโ€™s get this party started up in here

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Thank you!

Too bad its for US resident only.
Would have given that speaker a contest with Motion+ and Zero. :wink:
Those kind of comparisons would make sense.

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Got it! reviewing! :smiley: Thanks @AnkerOfficial


Anything coming up for UK testers? Ready to review but most testing looks to be US based. :sunglasses:

Love the testing @AnkerOfficial
Any chance we could have more products to test more frequently?
Just an idea

There have been 3 testing events in November alone, looks like it is healthy rate plus so much more contests and PowerDrawโ€ฆ Plus more beta testing going on

I feel this is just right amount of testing.

Congrats @doris4jin hope to see your review soon. Good luck

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grats looking forward to your review

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