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Traurigerweise! :rofl:

Some people sure are entitled :joy:


I was super thankful to get the lipstick charger (powercore mini 3350) but then it was DOA. Sent it back got another one which I was even more thankful for.
Miss those “power user” gifts. Hopefully in the future they can become a thing again!

Yeah I miss those. When Anker started, I tested practically everything. Its been a long time since I’ve received anything.

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Seems you have not be so active here! :wink:

I suppose : The more activity the more “donations”. :grinning:

But remember the regulars are not only here to receive some free stuff.
That’s the difference. :sweat_smile:


Be patient, non regulars


The best conversations on this site are y’all gatekeepers strutting about

You may as well throw in the Halloween contest as that is close enough to the others that another competition that ended about a week or so before the Anniversary stuff.

I really hope I don’t get picked for any tests, odd I know, but I have way too much going on right now. Don’t get me wrong, it kills me not to visit here or enter any of the contests, but I have a lot on my plate and I have noticed a “New Generation” of Anker Community members so I thought it best to let them have at it!

Good Luck!


They don’t pick randomly. They put out testing products and you have to apply. Don’t worry about getting picked :joy:

Also, at this point it has been october since the last testing round. I wonder if they are rethinking some details of how they do these, or whether they do them at all.


They are testing the patience of the members now.
Those who are too pushy…:rofl:


Beta testing are still happening, (multiple ones). I am glad to be testing …:zipper_mouth_face:


Do tell lol :tongue:

Beta testing would be fun though, especially the thought that any critics/improvements you make could be rectified/adapted before general release - can see how that would give you a greater sense of pride in the brand.

Keep up the good work :+1:t2: (Only slightly jealous)


Seems the US always gets the love for beta testing…the world is slightly larger @AnkerOfficial :wink:


More than true, Neil :wink:

I think :zipper_mouth_face: is supposed to be used BEFORE you talk about Fight Club. Or whatever other top secret things you are talking about. And then you stop after the zipper.

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This is a safe zipper!
But there might be situations you will get problems with it! :rofl:


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Only wanted to let people know on the forum about active beta testing being carried out by Anker and Soundcore, though there have not been any community testing events for sometime now.

Community Test Events will eventually happen once the beta testing completes, this is usually the pattern for majority of the time.

Beta Testing – > Product Go Live – > Community Event Testing