UK DC cable £10 60W charger £30

This is the first “normal discount”.

If no rush, I’d expect a price £1 less in next 1-2 weeks and bottom out no lower than £6.


  • different cables for different laptops
  • no charger included, and can be high cost. Most laptops want 65W, but also most laptops will recharge just slower on 45W.
  • Anker will probably offer a bundle with charger at a small discount, so you could just wait for that.

If you want charger, it is £30

So you can make a total solution for £40.

Personally I’d wait for the current 45W+15W charger to get a spped bump to 60W+15W and then one wall charger does laptop+phone. Don’t ask for date, gut is June/July.


Good deal, wonder why Anker didn’t make it as a bundle and include a charger with it…

They will. I cannot predict the date for that. Anker is bundling a lot in USA but little in UK, probably due to stock levels. I’m expecting 100W chargers soon, a IQ3 85W + 15W IQ2, and 100W IQ3 with a price drop of 65W, then the 65W is bundled with cable. Gut instinct is 65W price for current 45W and cable, bundle around £40 total.

If you can’t wait for bundle this is £30


A 3-way bundle of the future 85+15 charger + DC cable + 10W wireless charger is an obvious bundle, but I’d not expect that til November.