Tomorrow, Take the First Step Into Cinematic Brilliance

Tomorrow, take the first step into cinematic brilliance. You’ll see brightness unveiled like never before and move with your theater into a brand new space.

Get a glimpse of the future now and watch where the new era of home theater entertainment is heading.

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Looking forward to this :+1:

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Really exciting! This projector looks like it’s going to be great I just sadly think it will probably be out of my budget. Can’t wait for the release glad to see nebula still coming out with amazing products


It’s the 11th Jan already… Lol … waiting…

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Really interesting to see it as a new sensation!

also, I don’t really view this topic as a question and answer topic, it’s a more general/product discussion topic in my opinion. Might get more views if it’s put in that category, or I could be wrong. Regardless of what category you put it in it still looks like its going to be a great projector

I am seeing emails saying get 40% or $900 off as early bird discount

I must say if Anker is listening that it does nothing for me to see these reviewers comments. They always give a superficial positive review when sponsored. There are others who give a deeper and more nuanced more accurate review who should be used to give credibility.

To ask for a sight-unseen up front payment when not deeply reviewed is quite an ask.

If they take you, @Chiquinho, myself, and @TheSnarkyOne
We could all review and have the UK, Germany, USA, and Canada all covered for reviews



My concern is can you make it truly bright and truly portable. You can cheaply get bright non-portable (flat panel) and portable non-bright (Capsule Max) but I’ve never seen a bright portable.

I bought a Capsule Max it is the brightest which I’d say is portable, requires a darkened room but is a good standalone solution for temporary larger screen video with sound. I have oodles of MP4 so don’t need Wifi.

Will this new one be powered from a Powercore 20W 20000Ah? External power is useful to extend standalone for power outages.

I am expecting an outage at home soon, we’ve been getting brown-outs last week which is a sign of failing something in the grid.

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well if you wanted the 4K one its not gone from the super early bird so you would not be getting the 40% discount anymore

agreed I wish they had some community reviews before asking for blind trust I trust Anker and Nebula a lot but for me to just drop over $1,000 without reviews published already it something I sadly cant do at this point in my life

Why not let an early discount be after say a month of owner’s reviews? What’s wrong with it they early do a discount before reviews?

It can backfire, the L3P was only the same discount 2 months after early bird discount.

The Q30 was done perfect, early bird discount after a few weeks of owners reviews available.

We know meanwhile a lot about those “projects”.
Some here are suffering still from.

Sadly says a lot about Anker.
Received no email even when signed up, no community engagement here re offers to members, now 4k Early Bird sold out…

Would have been my 3rd Nebula projector

I am pretty sure the 4k early bird is still up and it’s just the super early bird that sold out so you can still save some money off the retail price if you really want. My email also came late.

Yes @ktkundy, I’ve seen your reviews as well as @Chiquinho reviews as well. Very well put and detailed.

From what I see @professor posting on helpful replies, I’d surmise he’d pen a good write up as well.

And alas, I know my work :wink:

Soooo @AnkerOfficial im sure the four of would all be down to do some regional testing / reviews… nudge nudge wink wink :wink:

Unless you guys have a decent social media footprint as well, I suspect the lure of support forum reviews, no matter how well researched and written, is not strong.
20minute ‘whoop-whoop’ YT videos are (apparently) king.

I love that my £956 pledge also gets me 2 x AAA batteries.
It’s nearly convinced me!


I am sure you will make it only to get these batteries! :joy:

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