Tomorrow, Take the First Step Into Cinematic Brilliance

Fortunately you can spot them and never watch. “Unboxing” , Panning camera or a baseball cap is a good sign.

Something this expensive would take a reviewer many days to test all features in different situations before giving a balanced review. e.g. how does constrast stand up in a daylight room, audio lag, testing different apps and formats.

It is easy to make a superficial video but they are easy to spot and not watch.

Even at the pledged discounted price, it is a tall ask. I am getting emails saying they’ve already got $1M of pledge so their campaign I’d say they deem successful. I hope who are taking the risk don’t get regret. I never buy anything on kickstarter on the basis if the product was truly good it would never need kickstarter they’d put their own money behind it.

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Good luck for those taking part. :grinning:

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You should head on over to the Eufy Security community where it has been 12 days since a winner was supposed to be announced for:

1 - $1000 winner
5 - $500 winners
1-3? - Floodlight Cam 2 Pro winners (not sure if this is per social or just 1 for all of them)

Oh wait, they can still update all of the social media accounts (where the winners were supposed to be listed) , yet decide to just hope everyone forgets? I get it if there is an issue barring it due to lockdowns/Covid/ANYTHING, but be transparent about it and not just throw it on there later or never at all.