This winter will be hard for all of us,

There are so many lockdowns all around the world.
We, the family , should stay as close together as possible.
I was just phoning to an old friend, living alone, he was so happy to hear from me.

I know you, the young folks, are much more better connected via social media etc.

But we, both old men , it was so great to talk to each other.

Dont forget all the others not in those social media ect.

Lets stay together.

We will never surrender


It’s been a rough year in general, but a particularly rough month. My moms best friend passed away after her battle with Leukemia, and then a month later we had another friend suddenly pass away. She went from healthy to passing away in less than a month with a sudden and rare disease. We couldn’t be with either of our now Widower friends and that was just as hard on us as it was them. But 600+ people on a Zoom funeral/memorial service showed that despite conditions, we will still stick together.

Hug your loved ones if you can, call, text, video everyone else because we never know what’s going to happen, or is currently happening.

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I’m sure that this winter will feel much longer than usual to many of us. Thanks for the reminder, @Chiquinho, that many people prefer actual phone calls as opposed to Instagram likes.

And so sorry for your losses, @Erich_Robinowitz1! :frowning_face:


Old people with technology who can video chat is also good complement to just voice.


I’m so over this year, had my second surgery on my right knee and will be going for a MRI on my left knee tomorrow. My wife is out of work on workers comp due to falling off the dock at her job. My wife’s brother passed away, two uncles also passed away all within the same week. And my car died and now my wifes car has a cracked head. I live an hour away from work with no way to get there. So yea I’m beyond done with this year.


It’s a great sentiment Franz.
In an online world many have forgotten that it’s good to talk!
And even better as @professor said, if you have the means to make that a video call, all the better.

BT said it very well,

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Bad year my friend.

I’ve only had 7 fractures and the doctor admitted they did their last operation wrong so in for another.

But today walked 3 miles and smiled at everyone because I’m sure many have worse. I was limping along in hospital and a young chap passed me with two prosphetic legs and just made me find the good in any corner.

I’d give you a ride to work if I lived near Cary.


So sorry to hear that, @Tank! I hope 2021 treats you much better!

Crickey @Tank it certainly has been a testing year for you and the family.
I hope you and the good lady wife has a MUCH better year to come :+1:t2:

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Thank you, appreciate the kind words.

I see you guys as part of my extended family. I love the friendship and comradery we all have here


@paulstevenewing @professor @TechnicallyWell thanks guys and I too hope next year can be much better. I’m praying it will be a recovery year from this year and all goes well, not just for us but for everyone who needs it as well.


So long as we keep kind and a sense of humour then it will be better for it.

Who needs legs anyway?

True, in the near future we will all look like these


And we all will never lose our humor.



Winter is coming

As a reminder, its lower cost to be thinking of winter now months earlier so it’s before most do, before most then buy something, before the price goes up.

I just now ordered another winter clothing item I used last winter, about 10% lower cost than I paid in Winter.

In about 6 months time I’m hoping to get a good price on a summer gazebo I saw today I liked.

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I ordered wood for my tile stove!
Wood is more expensive now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve started to look for the waterproof walking boots I didn’t get round to buying last summer.
And I’ll obviously be tempted with another fleece/mid layer.

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About Bonfire Night I’ll be looking for some shorts. :slight_smile::wink:

I could do with another LC40, my original LC40 I dotted around the house for power cuts are beginning to fail, one bulb gone and one 18650 gone. The bulbs can be swapped so I swapped parts and down to two original LC40 and two newer LC40, two LC130 and one LC90 which button is getting dodgy.

I don’t need any boots, I got new 2 years ago and last winter couldn’t walk much :frowning:

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You will be never in the dark.

This must be the strong one : LC130 :rofl:

Yes so let’s see how well I bite my tongue when someone complain about Anker prices when the price goes up. Don’t be the sheep who buys when everyone else does.

I’m still wanting a new laptop but the supply and demand is kicking me into waiting.