This winter will be hard for all of us,

A new laptop?
Really, if you get rid of your old one I take it.
Would fit perfectly in my collection : all in use and about 2010! :laughing:

Old one I repaired twice but it’s got a crack I don’t think worthwhile repairing, I’m keeping it on light duties (not moving it much) to stretch it til the silly high prices now normalise. There will be a day when supply exceeds demand.

It’s only a crack. :grinning:

Meanwhile I glued the display-frame o9f the T410s.
But on the right side I really need a “clamp” for the frame.
It can not be used like a laptop anymore its “stationary” now.
But the display is fine, only the frame crumbles away.
I am a “post war child”, I know!

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It’s ok the built-in obsolescence of Windows is soon going repeat with Windows 11 forcing perfectly fine Windows 10 laptops entering the 2nd hand market, put Linux on it and keep going til they physically break.

That’s how I got my last laptop. Window 10 inherent insecurity meant needed new bloatware security software which needed more memory than my laptop had so they let me keep the old one so long as I wiped the drive of their licensed software.

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When Win 11 will force to buy customers a new one, there is a good chance to get an “old, no more usable” Win10 one.
The obsolescence rules the world.
LINUX for ever! :smiley:

A good idea, really!
But first I will use my old macbook with Linux. (Intel processor)
Works so far booting from stick.
But havent tested all important features

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