The Story Behind the #LockdownBox

BBC News - Coronavirus: £2bn for ‘once in a generation change’ to transport

Whoever gets their thinking into relaxing lockdown and bike, ebike, escooter, will make a healthy income.

Cool. I watched the video when he first released it.

I wonder if there were any issues when it passed thru U.S. Customs :sweat_smile:

Unbox Therapy is in Canada. Toronto, I think.

Than, Customs anywhere

I was think that #lockdownbox will open the box on live stream. great products.

The current changes might end up being a flash in the pan. Lockdown life is going to end at some point, and we’ll see what changes after that.

People may decide that retreating to their private, enclosed, safe and secure cars and a house with more space is the best choice. Then everything turns on its head.

We are agreeing.

Some people who worked from home prior, but felt under pressure to go into the office, will feel emboldened to go into office less.
Some people who preferred to go into office, but found a way (spaces, technology, discipline) to WFH will be coverts and so WFH more.
Some people fed up but found cycling an escape, will do more cycling.
Some people will fear being uncontrolled up close to others in public transport and shun it.

My point is we are most of us in / leaving peak lockdown, the trend will be towards less lockdown, and so purchases of technology will pivot to the delta, the main difference, which is more biking and scooter to work than in the past.

I predict e-bikes and e-scooter sales will globally rocket, that will cause need for more and faster charging locations, so there will be people wanting recharge options at offices. Get ahead of demand and turn a profit.

I am still dreaming of such a locomotion vehicle.
NO Charging, eco-friendly and a real, true friend!


Great to read how and why the Lockdown box came about. I watched the video. Love Unbox Therapy and Anker of course so it did the trick and kept me entertained for a bit.

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This looks cool, did any forum members get it also?

Nope. Only one was created, and it went to

I loved the story! :clap::clap::clap:

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Is this lockdown box is part of giveaway ?

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Unfortunately, the lockdown box is not a giveaway item, but we do have some giveaways on going and will have more coming in future. :wink:

Here are some giveaways you might be interested in:

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This would be a really good giveaway idea

Great story, I love it:partying_face::partying_face:

This is a great story and I love the box!

Great idea…might make mine. Cheers.

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