The Critics Have Their Say on eufy Security

ONVIF and RTSP are standard streaming protocols so you can view the video stream in other apps (tinycam, blue Iris, etc.). These also let you monitor multiple cameras and record to a server or NAS.


Check out on our We will have more nice offers for UK fans soon.

Out of consideration for safety, we currently do not support online option A stable FHSS connection ensures real-time communication and monitoring of your baby, even if your home’s Internet connection is down. But I will pass your suggestions to our product managers. :grin:

Excellent review! Very informative outlining the pros and the cons with room for software improvement. Very impressed with the quality of the video and battery life!

We will continuously optimize this product based on users’ feedback. Once there is any update or news confirmed, we will share it on the community. Stay tuned! :smile:

Yes, the second generation of home base that eufy team is currently developing will support Apple HomeKit. Stay tuned in the community for the following news.

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@AnkerOfficial Can we trade-in our 1st gen homebase for a 2nd gen homebase, whenever it becomes available?


The details are still in the evaluation phase so I’m unable to provide more information now. But we will announce the news in the community once we have anything confirmed.

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I echo the lack of homekit support and will wait till released. Otherwise I love everything else about the doorbell video.

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This would be a game changer for me if they do!

nice reviews. thanks for sharing. Will definitely help promote the brand

Hopefully the teams are hard at work fixing the issues highlighted in the forums

CNET obviously still rate Arlo higher for outdoors & nest for doorbell

I have 2 of the top rated devices, wyze & nest hello

Hi @AnkerOfficial, sad to hear only the new 2nd generation base will support HomeKit :frowning:

I just bought 1 month ago the EufyCam E camera system after seeing Apple announced at their WWDC in June that Eufy was going to support the Apple HomeKit Secure Video feature.

So right now I guess I have the 1st generation base, so I will not get any HomeKit support through a firmware update?

They claim that the hardware is useless & unable to support homekit

Hey I’m sorry there is no more news that can be shared at the moment. But I’ve passed your suggestion of the HomeKit support to our product development team. And we will get the news delivered in the community once anything confirmed. Thanks for your kind supporting and understanding!

Thanks for the kind words! We will get more news of eufy Security products delivered in the community. Stay tuned!

can’t imagine if they do but would be nice if they did though.

Looks very nice!
Still anker should release budget friendly models too!

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Think that’s the plan with the 2c system, looks super cheap & half the battery life